wines with power & character

Explore our exquisite sparkling, traditionally crafted for a refined sparkling experience.

Classic Single Vineyards
Discover the unique character of our Classic Single Vineyards wines. These wines have great potential and compliment food in an outstanding way!

Grand Single Vineyards
Grand Single Vineyards represents the epitome of our winemaking philosophy, showcasing the finest expressions from exceptional vineyard sites. Each bottle from this prestigious category is produced from meticulously selected grapes, harvested from our oldest and most esteemed vines. These wines are renowned for their profound complexity and depth, offering a luxurious palate that captures the unique terroir and vintage.

Premium Single Vineyards
The most valuable grapes from the finest single vineyards and oldest vines from exceptional years! You will find these wines in the most exciting restaurants around the globe. Potential for decades!

Discover the unique allure of our sweet wines, crafted to stand out with their exquisite flavors and balance. At our winery, we pride ourselves on producing distinctive sweet wines that are both refined and memorable. Renowned wine critic Robert Parker has recognized our commitment to quality, stating: ‘Weinrieder is one of the finest and most reliable sweet wine producers in Austria…’ Experience the craft of exceptional sweet wine making that has earned us accolades and admiration from connoisseurs around the world.

Make a statement with our impressive Magnums, ideal for celebrations and special occasions.

Explore our collection of rarities, featuring limited-edition wines coveted by enthusiasts and collectors alike.

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